Stop the seat filling please

A meeting this week got me more peeved than impressed. Frankly, some librarians spend too much time talking about their degree and congratulating themselves on the hard work it took to get. While I think it’s noble that we have masters degrees, sometimes I find myself screaming in my head: ENOUGH ALREADY!

It’s as if a lot of librarians stop at the degree like that’s the apex of what they’re trying to achieve. It reminds me of how folks joke that a newly tenured professor doesn’t have to work anymore and can just be a seat filler. The MLS/MLIS is such a minor step in a long career. Plus, masters are given out like candy these days. I went to a top ten MLIS program and was amazed at how many of my peers struggled with basic assignments.

I would rather hear librarians discuss recently accomplishments or their goals for the year. It’s also better to encourage growth in the profession by enthusiastically talking about improvements and actually demonstrating your devotion to librarianship. Otherwise, we’re just inaugurating the next class of passive professionals.

As I always say, the minute I’m no longer open to changes or neglecting to research something new for my patrons, give me the boot. It’s time to go the minute things become stale in your career. I vote to encourage dynamic employees and not stereotypical public library workers.


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