Revamping a profession

To quote a friend: “I don’t understand why a field that hinges upon continuous information turnover and constant education is being headed by so many people who hate technology and hate learning.”

There does seem to be at least one librarian in every organization for which this is an accurate statement. It really don’t make any sense. Why do these folks choose this industry? To sit around staring at books? As I’ve said before, down with the seat-fillers!

I, for one, love learning. When asked about my knowledge and interest in fundraising today, my first thought was, I can’t wait to research and learn more about effective ways to contribute to major fundraising efforts. Education shouldn’t be intimidating. Those who feel it is are only a hindrance to our profession’s efforts at making lifelong learning an innate process throughout the human experience.

Humans are just animals after all. They can all smell fear. If we continue to allow staff to shy away from their own development as librarians, we’ll scare off those who are gingerly exploring their own educational progress.

To prevent your own decline and to help your colleagues, explore this page developed by the ALA for topics in staff development: . Keep learning please. Let’s revamp this situation.